When the White House calls for a new offshore oil drilling lease, I ask why it isn’t a “strategic” option

I am going to be in Washington DC for the next few days.

I am not sure I will make it to Washington DC.

The weather is going to make me think twice before I get there.

There are already signs that I may be in a different part of the country. 

But this is the best place to be: The US Senate  is considering legislation to change the rules governing the leasing of oil and gas exploration and production in the Atlantic. 

The US Interior Department, which oversees the US offshore oil and natural gas leasing program, is considering a new lease that would allow drilling in a new “strategy” of the US Arctic, where the industry has been under pressure from climate change and public pressure to cut emissions. 

A “strategy” means that the federal government wants to explore for oil and other natural gas in the area, but doesn’t want to risk being pulled into the current legal battle with Alaska. 

As the White’s new strategy is proposed, it would mean the end of the current lease in the North Slope of Alaska, which is the only part of Alaska that has had oil leases since 2006. 

“The current lease has been an enormous success in helping Alaska achieve a high-quality environment for our industry and for future generations of Americans,” said James Inman, the deputy assistant secretary of the Interior. 

In the coming weeks, the Senate will vote on a bill to change how the lease works.

Senator Maria Cantwell, a Democrat from Washington state, introduced a bill in December to change a number of the rules in the Arctic, but the measure was never enacted by Congress. 

It is one of the largest issues facing the Obama administration on climate change. 

Environmentalists and energy companies are pushing for a shift in the lease rules, arguing that the lease is the most effective way to manage oil and energy production in a changing Arctic. 

Cantwell’s bill has garnered support from some Republicans and Democrats. 

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a Rhode Island Democrat and the ranking member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, called for the bill’s passage. 

But there is a divide between Republicans and environmental groups.

The Republican Senator from Wyoming, Pat Roberts, said in a statement that he supports the legislation and the leasing. 

Roberts is one who has a strong record on environmental issues. 

He has said that the drilling of oil in the Southwestern United States is “absolutely not going to happen” and that it would be “unwise” to “take away the right to drill and forgo the ability to use the resources in the region.” 

Whitehouse’s bill would allow for drilling in the new strategy in the US Atlantic, where he said that in the coming months the industry will be “very much focused on maximizing the return on investment.”

In a statement, the Interior Department said the leasing program has proven itself to be effective in keeping oil and the oil and oil products that come with it. 

There are about 2,400 oil and offshore gas leases in the United States. 

More than 2,200 of those leases are currently in use, according to a recent report by the Department of the Navy. 

Under the leasing rules, the federal leasing agency would need to have “provisionally designated” areas for oil exploration and development.

The leasing agency is responsible for monitoring oil and drilling activity in the country’s offshore areas, but that has been difficult in the past because the oil companies have been in court battles with Alaska, Alaska Native tribes, and state governments. 

While the drilling strategy is not a new thing in the industry, it is one that is not being taken seriously. 

According to a report by the Center for American Progress, there are currently just 12,000 drilling permits in the entire US, with only 2,000 of those in the most important oil and exploration areas, the Arctic.

“It is time for the Obama Administration to take a hard look at the Arctic drilling strategy and find a better way forward,” said Senator Cantwell.

As part of a push to reduce carbon emissions and to limit climate change, the Obama team has been trying to lower the costs of offshore oil production and drilling. 

At the end and before the new leasing strategy is enacted, the US could lose as much as $300 billion to the federal budget, according the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. 

This means that for every $1 that the US government spent on offshore drilling in 2015, $6.50 went to the economy. 

Some critics of the leasing are worried about the effects on the climate. 

I don’t want the president to be doing this, said Senator Jim Inhofe, the ranking Republican on the Senate Science, Space and Technology Committee. 

We need to get to a climate agreement that is sustainable, that has a carbon price that is a fair and equitable price. Senator

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