The first hotels in the new park city are coming to town

Azusa, CA – Azusa City Center announced Thursday that its first hotel is set to open this summer.

The hotel is the Azusa Hotel Galvez, the latest addition to Azusa’s new park system.

The hotel is expected to open for business in July and is expected be one of the largest hotel additions in the city.

The project is funded by a $50 million state grant and $40 million in private investment.

Azusa is also the site of the Azura Resort & Casino.

The Azusa Resort & Casinos, which opened in 2016, is located at Azusa Creek, about 15 minutes north of Azusa.

The resort opened in March 2019 and has a capacity of 18,000 guests per night.

The park system is expanding with a second hotel on the way.

Azuna Valley Resort & Spa will open in the summer of 2019.

It will have a capacity for 13,000 people per night and will be one the largest resorts in the park system with an estimated occupancy of 22,000.

The park system also includes other parks, playgrounds and trails.

The second hotel, Azuna Mountain Resort, is expected in 2019 and will have room for 14,000 to 18,500 guests per nights.

It is expected that it will have about the same occupancy as the Azuna Resort & Plaza, the second hotel.

The Azuna Village Village, which was opened in December 2018, is planned to open in 2019.

The city’s park system has a total of 1,200 acres.

It consists of nearly 20 parks, including the park, golf courses, horse trails and an indoor water park.


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