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Why is Google still struggling to get around the TSA?

We don’t have an answer for you, but this might be a good time to consider how Google might be helping the TSA manage its bureaucracy.

Last year, the TSA announced a new system of checking travelers for explosives.

According to Google, it’s “designed to provide better guidance to airport employees and to make it easier for the agency to enforce safety standards at the airport.”

The agency is still working out exactly what the system will look like and how it will work, but it’s a pretty impressive feat.

The TSA’s new security checker, however, seems to be a much better tool than Google’s.

That’s because it can tell the difference between a bomb and an actual device.

The first step is to determine whether the device you’re looking at is a bomb.

This is accomplished by looking for a blue dot, a small circle with a small number on it.

If it’s blue, that means the device is an explosive device.

If the dot is red, that indicates a non-explosive device.

Google says the device it’s using to check travelers is the device used in the Paris attacks.

“In general, the blue dot indicates a bomb, whereas the red dot indicates an explosive,” the company explains.

The next step is determining whether the blue or red dot is a detonator.

If you’re traveling to Europe, for instance, the green dot indicates the device that was used to set off the explosions.

If not, the dot might indicate a non detonator device.

You can also look at a map to see where explosives are likely to be found.

If your dot indicates explosives, that suggests you’re likely to encounter explosives at an airport in the future.

But if you see a red dot, it means there’s no evidence of explosives, or it might indicate an improvised explosive device (IED).

Theoretically, this system could be used to identify travelers at other airports who may have explosives.

It’s also a much faster way to check for explosives than simply checking for an actual bomb, as Google’s system does.

“Theoretically you could take that data and run a simple search on Google Maps, look at the areas with the highest number of bombs, and get the best idea of what to do,” John Lattimer, Google’s senior vice president of security, told TechCrunch.

“We’ve had some of our partners say that it’s very easy to do.”

In practice, it would be much harder to get an accurate, high-level picture of what explosives might be found in a particular area.

This isn’t to say the TSA is ignoring Google.

There’s plenty of data to suggest that the TSA might need to improve its security checks.

Last month, an anonymous source told The Wall Street Journal that the agency’s internal internal database of travelers was so large that it was a challenge to get information on just one or two people.

The source said the TSA’s internal database was nearly 200 million records, with the number of entries increasing with each new search.

In addition, the search results were often “overly detailed” and didn’t provide a good sense of where travelers were likely to end up, the report noted.

It also noted that the data on the TSA was incomplete, with a lack of detail on the number and type of explosives searched.

As TechCrunch’s Rob Enderle put it, “There’s no question that the technology has improved.

It could be a lot easier to find the actual bomb.

But it’s not going to make the problem go away.

It’ll just be worse.”

As a result, Google is reportedly using its technology to help the TSA.

“If you want to use Google’s service, they will be using it,” said John Lathrop, the chief security officer of the TSA, according to the Wall Street Times.

“They have a pretty good idea what they’re going to get out of it.

I think that’s the key thing, which is that Google has a great relationship with the TSA.”

Google says it’s working with the agency on the system.

“Our goal is to improve the experience at airports,” Lathro said.

“And when we do that, we’ll be able to do it faster and more accurately.”

As part of its new security checks, the agency has also begun issuing “passenger alerts,” which let travelers know that their security is being checked.

The system also lets the TSA send out notifications to airlines if they find an airport that might be more vulnerable to attacks, such as a specific airport where bombs could be found, the Times reported.

Google’s new system may be a useful first step toward addressing the security challenges the TSA faces, but its implementation will be a long time coming.

In the meantime, you can check out a video of the new system below.

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