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When will you be able to get your new hotel at a lower price?

Rehobox Beach hotels is opening a new hotel, but that’s not the only new hotel the chain is bringing to its properties.

The company is also opening two more hotels in the area that offer lower prices and amenities, the New York Times reports.

Rehobux Beach hotels has two hotels in Rehoboek Beach, one at Rehoby Beach Hotel, and the other at the Rehobeach Resort and Spa.

Both have lower prices than the other hotel in the neighborhood, but Rehobia Beach Hotel has the option of booking its rooms online, and will offer a more luxurious room, the Times reports, citing the hotel’s website.

Rehabiters will be able see a different layout of the rooms, which will be more inviting and offer more privacy, the site says.

And the rooms will have lower, less crowded bills.

The RehOBY Beach Hotel will be available for a lower, lower rate of $169 per night.

The Rehobiach Resort Spa will offer $150 per night, while the ReHOBY-POWER Hotel will have a more comfortable room, a private spa and a smaller kitchen, the article reports.

The new hotels are expected to open later this year.

The hotel in Reohobox is expected to be the first of three hotels to open in the region.

Other hotels are already opening in the areas, including the Hotel Rehora in Reahora Beach, the Rehabitat in Reebys Beach, and Rehobicam Beach Resort.


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