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Cheapest hotels in Thailand

The cheapest hotels in Bangkok and Phuket are currently on sale for just $2,800 per night.

The cheapest hotel room in the city is priced at just $1,200 per night, and the cheapest hotel hotel room is just $750 per night in the island’s most popular beach resort, Pattaya.

Read moreThe cheap price is the result of two factors: the fact that Thailand has a very low tourism tax, which means that tourists don’t have to pay any income tax on their income.

The cheapest hotel rooms in Bangkok are also available for just 1,200 baht per night – almost half the cost of the most expensive hotel rooms.

The hotel rooms available in the touristy capital of Bangkok can be booked on a per-night basis, although they typically have an entry fee of just 1 bahtan (about $4).

The cheapest hotels are located in the beach resorts of Pattaya, and include the resort’s famous Blue Water Hotel, the world’s most expensive beach, which is only available at the cost listed on the resort website.

The other popular tourist hotel in Pattaya is the famous Blue Palace, and is the only one that offers the option of room on the weekends.

There is no charge for the resort, and you can book up to three nights for $1.7 million per room.

You can also get rooms at the most popular hotels in Pattay, such as the Blue Palace and the Blue Water, which are also the cheapest of the three hotels in the resort.

But it’s important to note that these are not the best hotels in town, and are not a great deal.

The Blue Palace is just a few minutes walk from the famous Thai Beach.

The Blue Palace has room rates that are slightly cheaper than the Bluewater, and also has a much smaller number of rooms.

The prices for the Blue Ocean Resort Hotel in Pattays beach resort are also much lower, and tend to be cheaper.

The cheaper hotel rooms tend to have lower room rates.

For example, the Blue Garden Hotel in Bangkok is only $2 per night per room, and has only eight rooms available.

You will have to be willing to pay extra for room upgrades, as well as to pay a few extra bahts to reserve a room at the resort itself.

For instance, if you are a tourist who wants to spend more money on accommodation, you will have a lot more options for rooms at a higher rate than you would if you stayed in the Blue Gardens or Blue Water.

You could also book a room on a separate trip for $500,000 per night for a total of $3.5 million per night if you wanted to stay in a bigger hotel.

If you book a separate hotel, you would pay a total price of $6.5m per night to stay there.

You might also want to consider the price of rooms in the most well-known hotels in Asia, such a the Shangri-La Hotel in Shanghai, which costs between $2.8 million and $3 million per day.

You should also keep in mind that the prices listed on all of these hotels vary greatly depending on which room type you are interested in, and how long you want to stay at each hotel.

The hotels in Phukets biggest tourist destination are also expensive, and it might be a good idea to consider other hotels in a city, if your budget allows it.

For more information on the cheapest hotels, check out our guide to the cheapest budget hotels in major cities in Thailand.


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