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$5 million spent on hotel renovations in South Florida

A $5-million renovation project in South Miami is coming to an end, but hotel officials say they’re not done with the renovation project.

The hotel was built in the 1920s, when it was a very popular place to stay.

It was a hotbed of the Miami Beach scene, and the area’s reputation for prostitution was still fresh.

In 2013, Miami Beach Police were called to the Hotel of the World in Miami Beach for a report of an armed robbery.

The officer was able to locate the robber and his accomplice who robbed a hotel guest.

That robbery led to a massive manhunt, and Miami Beach detectives arrested six people.

They were caught.

In the meantime, a Miami Beach woman had been robbed at gunpoint and had been taken to the hospital.

She had died a few days later.

That woman’s name is Maria Rodriguez, and she lived in the same building as the hotel.

When detectives showed up, they found Maria’s body inside the hotel suite.

They say Maria Rodriguez was shot and killed after her accomplice robbed her.

Investigators say Maria’s murder is still under investigation.

Why are hotel chains including Montauk and Gulf Shores in the hotel business?

New York-based Hilton Hotels & Resorts announced on Monday it is adding a second hotel chain, Montauks, to its lineup.

The company said it will also expand its footprint into the United Kingdom.

“We believe that the Montauke family of properties is an important pillar of our future hotel growth, and we are thrilled to partner with them on this important expansion,” Hilton CEO Doug Miller said in a statement.

The Montaukes have already expanded to other cities in the United States.

Last year, they announced a plan to open a hotel in Dallas, and the company said they are working on other projects.

The two hotels will share some of the same name, Montague and Montauken.


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