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How much is a hotel room in Palm Beach?

If you’re looking to stay in a hotel for the weekend, the prices may seem like a lot.

But for some, it may not be so.

“A hotel room is about two or three nights worth of entertainment, maybe some meals, snacks and maybe a movie,” said Robyn Smith, a stay at a hotel in Pensacola Beach, Fla.

“I’ll take it.”

Smith says she pays about $15 per night for a room, but she’d rather spend it on more entertainment.

Smith says hotels have more amenities than most people expect.

She’s not surprised by the high prices.

“I think most people think, well, if you stay here for a couple of nights, it’s gonna cost you $20,” she said.

“You get all that stuff, it might be more than $20 a night, but it’s still gonna cost me $20 or $25 a night.

So I’d rather save the money, go to a different hotel.”

It can be tough finding the right hotelThe price of staying at a luxury hotel can vary from hotel to hotel.

At the most luxurious, rooms are typically a bit more expensive than you might think.

Here’s what you need to know about hotel rates:Hotel rates vary based on the hotel’s amenities and location, which can include restaurants and fitness centers.

Some hotels also have outdoor pools and outdoor pools can be private or shared.

The price you pay may also vary based upon the type of room, the size of your room, whether it has indoor or outdoor pools, and whether it’s a weekend or long-term stay.

The National Association of Realtors says most people stay at about three-fourths of a hotel’s monthly room rate, but a few rooms can go as high as $200 per night.

The average rate for a one-bedroom room in a four-bedroom hotel is $1,068 per night, according to Realtor.com.

The national average for a four bedroom room in an apartment complex is $2,842 per night per person, according the website.

For a three bedroom room, that’s $2 (2,700 per person) per night a month.

For the four bedroom, that would be $3,973 per month.

You can also pay more than you expect for your stayIf you pay a lot of money, your room may not cost that much more than a hotel with similar amenities.

But the National Association says some hotels with similar facilities may have much higher rates.

A one-night stay in Palm Springs, Calif., for example, was $1.1 million per night in the most recent data available, according of the website Realtories.com, the real estate website that tracks prices.

A three-night visit in the San Diego area was $3.3 million per day.

The cheapest room for the night in Palm Hills was $6,567 per night last year.

That means a four night stay at the Hotel Grand Palms would cost $7,569 per night or about $12,000 per day, according Realtory.com.

“I’m not sure what the actual amount is.

It’s more than what I was paying in the last few weeks,” Smith said.

Smith said that even though her room is not luxurious, she’ll spend a lot more than she usually would on entertainment.

“The only time I’d pay more would be if I really wanted to go out with my friends or go to the beach,” she told CBC News.

“Or if I’m looking for something that I would normally be able to stay at for $100 or $150.”

There are some hotels that have room rates that are a little more expensive.

The National Association suggests you try to save money for the room you stay at and that the room be at least $1 per night less than the average room rate.

Which hotels in the Dominican Republic offer the best value?

A quick search on TripAdvisor, a popular online travel website, returns more than 40,000 hotel reviews from people who’ve stayed at them in the country.

Here’s a look at what we found.


Del Luna Hotel, Jamaica Plain, MA [$1,300 per night] 2.

El Toro Hotel, Santa Ana, CA [$3,600 per night ] 3.

El Tepe Hotel, Panama City Beach, FL [$4,200 per night, 1-night reservation required] 4.

Jardin del Caribe, Panama [$2,200, 2-night reservations required] 5.

Casa San Diego, San Diego [$300 per person, 3-night deposit required] 6.

Santa Ana Resort & Spa, Santa Barbara, CA, 1 night reservation required [$500 per person] 7.

Boca Chica Resort & Casino, Boca Raton, FL, 1 day reservation required 8.

Paradise Bay Resort & Marina, Palm Beach, Florida, 1 evening reservation required 9.

Caso Alhambra, Caso Arriba, CA , 1 night reservations required 10.

Rodeo Bay Resort, Huntington Beach, CA 2 nights required [ $600 per person ] 11.

Casio Hotel & Casino Resort, Santa Cruz, CA 3 nights required 12.

El Rey Hotel, Long Beach, California 1 night minimum [ $800 per person , 2-day reservations required ] 13.

Bayside Inn & Suites, San Francisco, CA 1 night [ $1,400 per person or $2,400 for 3-day reservation ] 14.

Pacific Resort & Resorts, San Antonio, Texas, 1 nights minimum [$ 1,000 per person for 3 nights ] 15.

Bayview Inn & Residences, Sacramento, California, 1 morning minimum [ ] 16.

Oceanfront Inn, New York, NY, 1night minimum [ (one of the cheapest) ] 17.

The Peninsula Hotel, San Jose, California , 1night [$200 per person minimum] 18.

Hotel Santa Ana in San Antonio [ $2.50 per person on a two-night stay ] 19.

Casita Guayas, Guaymas, Puerto Rico [ $3 per person per night , 2nd floor reservation required ] 20.

The Marigold Inn, Santa Monica, California [ $5 per person every night for two nights, 3 day minimum ] 21.

The Ritz Carlton, San Mateo, California 2 nights minimum 22.

Holiday Inn, Miami, Florida [ $300 per day ] 23.

The Riviera, Bali, Indonesia [ $350 per day] 24.

Villa Lago de la Reina, Los Angeles, California 24-hour reservation [ $400 per day for 2-days ] 25.

The Plaza del Carmen, Miami Beach, Fl., 1 night for $1.50 [ $700 per day or $800 for 3 days ] 26.

El Centro, Santa Fe, New Mexico 1 night on a 1-day [ $500 per day , 3-days minimum ] 27.

Plaza Santa Maria, Santa Maria de San Carlos, San Carlos de la Roca, San Pedro de Macanas, Puerto Cabo Verde, Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Plata, Puerto Banco Verde or Puerto Cabanas, 1.5-day minimum [ ) 28.

Ritz-Carlton in Miami, FL 1.6-day daily minimum [] 29.

Rental properties in Puerto Rico for one day, $1 per day.


Rotation of the market [ ] 31.

Rate the value of a room [ ] 32.

A comparison of the rates for rooms in various countries [ ] 33.

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