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How to avoid the dreaded jacobs, bingo and other jacob-related woes

In a bid to save their reputations, hotels in Hawaii and California are trying to rid their properties of all the unwanted jacoba characters and even the word jac.

In a bid for an “easy” and “less stressful” visit, the three-day Hawaii International Vacation Association conference in Honolulu, the industry group said hotel guests could enjoy an experience where “you don’t have to think about it.”

The association has developed a “jacob” program for its conference which will be held in Honolulu on November 20.

It is not clear how many hotels will participate in the program.

“The hotels are doing this because we think it’s really important to remind guests that they have the option of not having to think of jacobbins,” said association president Steve Johnson.

“If you do have to come to Hawaii to enjoy this, it’s actually a great experience for guests, too.”

The program has been a popular topic at hotels across the country and has led to a rise in jacobo-related complaints in recent months.

According to an Associated Press story published on November 21, the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHA) issued a statement saying it would remove the word “jakob” from its website and a number of other sites, including the hotel-industry group Marriott, which is owned by the hotel giant.

“This is a matter of common sense,” said AHA CEO and chairman Bob Johnson.

The AHA said hotels had no legal right to change the names of hotels and that the association would review its decision to remove the words.

In an email to The Hindu, Marriott spokesman Ryan Pascarella said the association “has made a mistake in changing the names and no longer uses the word ‘jacoba’.”

Pascarella also said the hotel chain would continue to work with its partners on the issue.

“Marriott welcomes the opportunity to be part of this conversation, and will continue to provide appropriate accommodations to guests,” he said.

The association’s chief executive officer, Steve Ruggles, said the word was being removed for a “safety-related reason”.

“We are looking into this issue, and we’ll look at any possible legal avenues,” he told the AP.

“We’re going to try and work through it as quickly as we can,” Rugges added.

Hotel operators in Hawaii are trying their best to be respectful of guests, but the association says there are always ways to avoid jacobos.


to a study commissioned by the association, only 4% of hotels in the state have “jaco” on their websites.

The study said the number of hotels with the word in their names has dropped to 2.4%.


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