How to keep your house safe while traveling abroad

Travelers visiting the US should be wary of the latest gadget, a travel alarm that could alert them to any dangerous intruders.

The $99 device is supposed to alert them of intruders and other dangers in their hotel room, as well as any suspicious items that could be left in their room.

The new device is called The Travel Alert System, and it is meant to keep travelers safe while they’re abroad.

The device is based on a device developed by Swiss firm Thales.

It can detect a few things, like a laptop, a cell phone or an alarm clock, according to the company.

The alarm will go off when a device enters the room, and when someone enters, the device will tell them that someone has been in the room and the device needs to be turned off.

That alert can be activated when a person gets to a hotel room or when they’re at a hotel bathroom.

It’s not a feature that can be used on hotels or restaurants, according the company’s website.

However, the company says the system is designed for hotels, so it should be safe for travelers visiting foreign countries.

The Thales Travel Alerts are available for purchase at Amazon and at many electronics stores.

The company says they can be connected to an app to provide real-time notifications to guests.

A similar system is also available for other hotels, though the company recommends users not use it in their hotels.

“Thales Travel alert is designed to be portable, easy to carry, and easy to use,” the company said in a statement.

It says the device can be stored in a hotel locker, and can also be plugged into a power outlet and plugged into the wall.

The TravelAlerts are also being used to alert hotel guests to a potentially dangerous situation, like if someone is attempting to break into the guest room, or if someone’s laptop is lost in the hallway, the website said.

The system has a variety of alerts, including a “flash” alert, which sends out a sound that can make it easier for people to alert authorities if someone tries to break in.

In addition, Thales says the alerts can be combined into a single alert to warn people when someone is about to enter the room.

Thales has also released a number of other alerts for hotel guests, such as a “break in alarm,” a “door open” alert and a “fire alarm.”

It’s worth noting that while Thales said the alerts are “designed for use in hotels,” they don’t have to be.

For example, guests could choose to be notified if they’re about to leave the room or have been outside for more than five minutes, or that they are on a hot day.

Thals system also has a feature called the “hot spot” alert.

That alerts a guest that they’re near an “unusual” area of a hotel, but that it won’t alert them that the hotel is actually on fire.

If the alert sounds, guests can turn off the alert and keep their room safe.

The “hot location” alert can also alert guests that someone is on the phone, and the “laptop” alert alerts a room that someone left a computer.

The alerts also include a “hot” alert if someone leaves a hotel phone on the table, a “dramatic” alert when a guest tries to walk in and out of the room at night and a hot spot alert if they enter a room while the door is closed.

Thale says the company has tested the alerts with thousands of guests and found that the alerts work well.

It said that while the company hasn’t tested the system for use with other hotels and restaurants, it has tested it for use at hotels.

The hotel and restaurant alerts are meant for use by guests who don’t own a hotel and don’t know if the hotel or restaurant is on fire, the Travel Alert system’s website says.

Thalys Travel Alert is available for $99.99 and can be purchased through, and other retailers.


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