How to find pet-friendly hotels near you

A list of pet-accessible hotels near Toronto is out and it’s a fun and helpful way to find your next stay.

Here’s what you need to know.


Pet-friendly hotel reviews can be overwhelming.

The Globe and Mail’s pet-friendliness rankings, compiled by our own staff, include reviews of over 30 pet-themed hotels in the GTA.

In the last three years, our team has reviewed nearly 100 of these hotels, as well as the reviews of thousands of hotels on the Toronto Tourism Board website.

But it’s important to note that the scores are not necessarily representative of all pet-resorts in Toronto, and not every hotel is pet-ready.

Many pet-hosting and boarding facilities have more stringent requirements, while others have more relaxed standards.

This is a list of the top 10 pet-Friendly Hotels in Toronto: The Green Room, Toronto Hotel, Toronto’s Wild Goose Inn, Toronto Hilton, Toronto Star, Toronto Royal Toronto, Toronto Waterfront, The Toronto Zoo and Toronto Zoo.


The number of pet guests in Toronto has increased dramatically in recent years.

Toronto has the third highest number of pets in Canada after Vancouver and Calgary, according to a 2015 survey by Statistics Canada.

In 2015, Toronto had a record of about 14,000 pets, according the Toronto Humane Society.

That number grew to 23,000 by the end of 2016.

The city now has more than 2,000 pet-positive hotels in its jurisdiction, according a spokesperson for the Toronto Parks and Recreation Board.


Pet friendly hotels are not only cheaper but also more popular than their pet-centric counterparts.

The Toronto Humane Club has a website where visitors can find pet friendly hotel recommendations, which have gone viral in recent months.

But there are also some pet-specific hotel reviews.

Toronto Zoo’s pet friendly Hotel, for example, has been rated one of the best pet-proof hotels in North America.

While there are plenty of hotels that are pet- and non-pet-friendly, they aren’t all as pet-focused as the Toronto Zoo or Toronto Star.

For example, the Wild Goose Hotel offers pet-free guests a pet-like experience.

The hotel is situated in the heart of the city, close to the Toronto Eaton Centre and the Scarborough Town Centre.

A hotel review at Toronto Zoo in 2015 found that it is not only more pet-attractive than its pet-centred sibling, the Toronto Star is also much less expensive.


Pet food and grooming is a must at pet- friendly hotels.

The list of recommended pet foods and grooming products includes more than 50 pet-related products from companies such as PetSmart, Petsmart, PetCare and Petco, according PetFriendly, a Toronto-based website for pet-owner and pet-care professionals.

But the recommendations don’t necessarily include every ingredient.

In fact, PetFriendleys pet-food reviews also include ingredients that aren’t generally recommended for pet food, such as garlic and onion powder.

Many of the hotels have other guidelines, such the Toronto Airport Pet Hotel has strict grooming guidelines, while the Toronto Royal Canadian Mounted Police have a grooming guide for pet visitors.


Pet rooms and pet beds can be expensive.

Pet room prices in Toronto are a bit higher than average, according Toorak Pet Book, a website that caters to pet owners who want to book their own pet room or dog bed.

Pet beds and room prices are often inflated by the fact that there are more pet beds in the city than there are pet beds, according The Toronto Star’s review of pet room prices from 2014.

This has also led to some rooms being booked more than others, according Star reviewer Michael Wertheimer.


Pet owners and owners of pets can also enjoy a special treat at pet friendly venues.

Toronto hotels like Toronto Zoo, Toronto City Hall, the Royal Toronto Zoo (RZO) and the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Maple Leaf Gardens Hotel are all pet friendly.

Pet lovers can also explore the Toronto Public Library, which offers free pet reading and dog-friendly events.

Some hotels offer pet-approved gift cards.

For more tips on finding pet-safe hotel accommodations, see our guide to pet-rated hotel accommodations in Toronto.


Toronto is a pet friendly city.

While the number of dog-related complaints in Toronto is higher than in any other Canadian city, the city has an unwavering policy of pet loving.

The majority of complaints come from pet owners.

In a city that is known for its strict dog-ban, there is a clear expectation for pet owners to stay at their favourite spots.

That’s why PetFriend’s recommendations are based on the fact pet-loving Toronto residents will be more likely to leave their pets at home.


There are plenty pet friendly restaurants in Toronto too.

Many Toronto restaurants cater to pet parents, including some of the country’s top dog-loving restaurants.

The Greenroom in Toronto Zoo is the first

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