How a Florida hotel became a tourist destination for thieves and spies

The Fort Lillie Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a favorite spot for travelers looking for an escape.

In January of last year, thieves and robbers broke into the hotel and stole about $7,000 in cash, according to ABC News.

In July, two of the hotel’s security guards were killed when a robber opened fire on them while they were out patrolling.

Since then, the Fort Lillian Hotel has been the target of several burglaries.

But now, the thieves are back, and the hotel has been targeted for an armed robbery.

The robbers broke in the Fort Lauderdale hotel on January 25, 2018.

“The thief just walked in and started taking everything,” Fort Lauderdale Police Chief John Fusaro said.

“He took everything from the bar and everything from all of the valuables that we’ve had here for years.”

Police were able to catch the thief after they called the police dispatch center and asked if they could assist.

“It was a call of somebody had been robbed in Fort Lilly and they needed to be secured,” Fusaros said.

The thieves were able find the Fort Lee hotel’s front desk and take about $12,000.

“We are very fortunate that the thieves did not have to come in with a gun or anything else,” Fort Lills Police Chief Mark Fusco said.

A video shows the robber opening the front door and walking into the lobby of the Fort Lane hotel.

The hotel is located on the third floor of a building at 1501 NW 8th Ave., just off the highway.

The thief then enters the hotel through a sliding glass door and walks out.

He is still in the lobby when the hotel employees rush to their cars to help chase him.

The officers who chased him are still in their cars and have not returned to the hotel, police said.

Fort Lille police are calling the robbery the largest in the hotel history.

Fusaria said the robbers are still at large.

“They know that they have to get out of Fort Lillo and get to somewhere else, and they’ve taken advantage of the fact that we are very popular in Fort Worth and in Dallas, and so they’ve just moved on to another location,” Fusearo said, adding that the thief is believed to be armed.

The Fort Lee Police Department is also working with the Fort Lewis Police Department to help locate the thief.

“At this time, we do not have any leads to lead to the suspect and we are still working with them on that front,” Fort Lewis police Capt. Mike Rall said.

Fusearia said he has not seen the robber since his arrest.

Fort Lauderdale police say the hotel is a popular destination for travelers.

In addition to Fort Lillington, the hotel also has other popular locations.

According to Fort Lauderdale Airport Police, the building is a hotel.

A few weeks ago, thieves stole $7k from the Fort Walton Beach hotel, but the thieves were caught.

A woman called the airport police and reported that her boyfriend had been held up in the airport parking lot by two men.

He was wearing a ski mask and a baseball cap and was not wearing a mask when the men entered the lobby and stole his belongings.

The man was then taken to the Fort Worth Police Department and charged with two counts of attempted robbery.

He remains in custody and awaiting trial.


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