Hotels in the Phoenix Area Have Been Targeted For Cyber Attacks

The Las Vegas hotel where one of the recent attacks occurred is one of many targets that have been targeted by hackers.

The attack came after the FBI released a warning to hotel operators in Las Vegas and other parts of the state that they are vulnerable to sophisticated malware that can be used to infect computers with remote access.

The FBI says hackers targeted the hotel, but the Las Vegas Police Department says it did not find evidence that hotel employees had been targeted. 

In a blog post, the Las, Vegas Police department said it was investigating an email sent from a “potential victim” who said her company was targeted.

The email, which was sent from an email address used to access the hotel’s website, said the hackers were looking for an employee who could have access to data on her account. 

The Las Vegas Hotel has since said that it has been the victim of a “sophisticated and organized” attack, which it said targeted employees and customers, and it has identified several people who may have been involved.

The Las Vlas Police Department has also confirmed that an email is believed to have been sent from the hotel.

The hotel said that the email was sent between May 27 and May 30, and that the hackers have yet to be identified. 

According to the FBI, the attack involved remote access to the hotel website, but that the hotel had been compromised before it was released. 

“Our first response was to notify hotel operators, and they have been cooperative,” said a police spokesman in Las Vlas. 

After the Las Vlis Police Department announced the attack, hotel operators and other hotel guests reported seeing the emails, which they said appeared to be legitimate.

The emails also stated that the attackers were seeking a person who could be an employee of the hotel and would then infect a computer with the malware.

The victims are not being identified, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told CNNMoney. 

A spokesperson for the FBI said that while they have not been able to definitively identify any of the victims, they were not able to confirm that they were hotel employees. 

Las Vegas Metropolitan police say that they have launched an investigation into the attack and have contacted the hotel to request information about the victim and the people who are suspected of involvement. 

Hotel Artemis, the main hotel in Las Venias city limits, is also being targeted.

In a statement, hotel owner and CEO Mike Liss said that “it is with deep sadness and concern that we have to announce that our Artemis Hotel in Las Villas, Nevada, has been compromised.” 

The attack occurred just weeks after another attack against the Las Venases city, which resulted in the death of a man who was infected with the same type of malware.

In the attack that killed 37-year-old Steven S. Hartman, the malware was found in the hotel lobby. 

Hartman was staying in a suite in the Artemis hotel when he died.

The hospital is in the process of installing new security measures.

The infection occurred just two weeks after the attack in Las Virginia, where another hotel, The Venesource, also experienced a massive attack, with hackers using a similar method to the Las Villans.


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