Downtown Dallas hotels set to stay open for another week

DALLAS, Texas – The Dallas hotel industry is bracing for another busy holiday weekend as many hotels across the city will stay open until midnight on Sunday, after a weekend of low traffic and high temperatures that has brought the city to its lowest temperature in a decade.

The Dallas Downtown Hotel Association is warning guests to prepare for long lines at the hotel entrances as hotels across town try to stay busy.

Many hotels are open late, and it’s expected that some hotels will close their doors for the entire weekend.

But it will be a long weekend for hotels, as many will close at 5 a.m. and many hotels will remain open until 1 a.d.


The association has a lot of hotels and restaurants open in downtown, but it is trying to find a balance of keeping guests happy, and getting them out of the city and back to the hotel, said Tony Nunez, a president of the hotel association.

“The hotel industry has got a lot to be worried about, not just with this weekend, but over the next week,” Nuney said.

“If you’re going to go to downtown, you need to make sure you get a good night’s sleep.”

Many hotels in downtown are already closed as many guests are returning to their homes in warmer weather.

The Dallas Downtown Marriott hotel, which opened in 2008, closed for the weekend in December.

The hotels association is offering special incentives to people who stay at its downtown properties, such as free room nights.

But if you have to travel to downtown Dallas, there are also free hotel shuttle services available.

The DDA expects downtown hotels will open again at 10 a. m. on Sunday.

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