10 Things You Need to Know About the New Port of Lewes

With its sleek, modern buildings and sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean, New Port Lewes is one of the newest destinations in the United States.

But with the rise of gentrification, its once-trio of small businesses has seen their numbers dwindle.

And now the port is facing another round of scrutiny after a new report by the city found that only two businesses have opened since 2010 — both at a new waterfront hotel.

The report comes as the city’s economy is recovering from the Great Recession and the economy has been picking up since then.

As the unemployment rate continues to drop, there’s been a surge in tourism in the region, but it’s not as much as it once was.

Now that the economy is getting back on its feet, some businesses are looking for more space.

One of those businesses is a popular local seafood restaurant.

On the other side of town, a restaurant has become a hotspot for the homeless and drug dealers.

The two have been fighting for more than a year.

The former is a longtime fixture at the Port of New York, and the latter is a homeless encampment.

In 2015, the Port Authority was ordered by the federal government to take a look at the homeless encampments, which had been there since 2009.

The Port Authority had been planning to demolish the encampment in 2018, but that plan fell through.

In 2017, the city of Lewing was forced to close the site because of a lack of space.

That closure was later extended to 2019.

As part of that, the Lewing City Council approved a measure that would allow homeless encampations to stay on the site.

The Lewing Hotel, which was owned by the owners of the old Port of Washington, has been around since the early 1900s.

It is the oldest hotel in the city and was built in 1875.

It was purchased by the Lewes Public Library in 2010 and is one the oldest buildings in the New York area.

The hotel is also one of Lews oldest businesses, according to the city.

“It’s one of those old buildings that is still in service today,” said Peter Pimlott, the hotel’s manager.

“We have a lot of customers that come to us, and we do need some space to do that.”

The hotel recently reopened after renovations, with a new lobby, restaurants, and even a new patio.

But Pimmott said the problems with the hotel go back decades.

The city’s hotel had problems with noise complaints.

The building also had problems renting space, and its owner said the city didn’t properly fund the renovations.

“There were many, many problems that were brought on,” Pimpott said.

“And it wasn’t until 2017 that the landlord came in and we were able to get a new owner that was willing to pay for that.”

As part to its lease with the Lewers Public Library, the Hotel was required to pay an annual rent of $25,000.

But when the lease ended in 2020, the property’s owner, the former Lewes mayor, took control of the property.

After the mayor took over, the business filed for bankruptcy and the city tried to collect the unpaid rent, which the Lews mayor was able to do through the Port and Port Authority.

According to a city spokesperson, “We are grateful that the city has provided the Lewer family with a secure place to continue to operate their business.”

The Lewers Hotel is not the only business in the area to struggle with the eviction.

In addition to the hotel, the old Lewing High School, also owned by Lewes High School District, has closed, and two other high schools in the district have closed in recent years.

And the Lewisham College of Engineering, a small school that has about 5,000 students, closed in 2016.

In the early 2000s, the new Lewes Center for the Performing Arts opened in the old building.

That building has since closed.

The new Lewishams School for the Arts opened this spring.

In 2016, the New Lewes College of Art and Design opened its doors for the first time since opening in the early 1970s.

But the school closed its doors just before the summer break.

The school reopened in 2021, but the closure was blamed on a lack to keep the building in proper condition.

The old Lewishamey School for Girls opened in 2018 and has been struggling with overcrowding.

And in 2018 it closed after the owner had to close due to a lack in space.

The owners of a local seafood and produce business called Pimpin’s Seafood said they’ve had issues with the restaurant, too.

“This is a major issue for the restaurant,” Pimpins owner Dave Pimpinas said.

Pimpines owner said he has been getting complaints from customers who said they were not happy to pay $35 for a meal at the restaurant.

The restaurant is in a parking lot next to a bar, which


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